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Woods going for more history at home of golf - The Associated Press

Globe and Mail

Woods going for more history at home of golf
The Associated Press
Now, he has a chance at even more history in a gray old town dripping with it. No one has ever won the claret jug three times at St. Andrews. Woods remains ...
Chasing the BearESPN
'Like a son': a guide to the putter, a golfer's key clubThe Guardian
Why Tiger will (and won't) win BritishFOXSports.com
Times of India -BBC Sport (blog) -Montreal Gazette
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alwaysuserubber: also luffy hit 30000 comments
A few characters (Marguerite, Marigold, Hina, etc) suffered from MORE POPULAR NAMETWIN SYNDROME and weren't worth linking since none of the fanart under that tag was of them. 8( ルフィ - Luffy (also モンキー・D・ルフィ, but most people ...

今日のPSリク | いろはにDOGs ~リクの散歩~
今日のmoreリク⇒ 美白ポチ (07/14); 今日のmoreリク⇒ カエラーの里 (07/14); 体の動きは見た目の動きにあらず⇒ おりん (07/14); 体の動きは見た目の動きにあらず⇒ ポチ舞 (07/13); 体の動きは見た目の動きにあらず⇒ おりん (07/11) ...

Q難しい文章ですが、日本語の訳を教えてください!※文章が途中で切れてしまっていますが、最後の単語はmatterです。申し訳ありません。よろしくお願いします!It were well if the English, like the Greek language, possessed some definite word to express, simply and generally, intellectual proficiency or perfection, such as "health", as used with reference to the animal frame, and "virtue", with reference to our moral nature. I am not able to find such a term; talent, ability, genius, belong distinctly to the raw material, which is the subject-matter, not to that excellence which is the result of exercise and training. When we turn, indeed, to the particular kinds of intellectual perfection, words are forthcoming for our purpose, as, for instance, judgement, taste, and skill; yet even these belong, for the most part, to powers or habits bearing upon practice or upon art, and not to any perfect condition of the intellect, considered in itself. Wisdom, again, is certainly a more comprehensive word than any other, but it has a direct relation to conduct, and to human life. Knowledge, indeed, and Science express purely intellectual ideas, but still not a state or quality of the intellect; for knowledge, in its ordinary sense, is but one of its circumstances, denoting a possession or a habit; and science has been appropriated to the subject-matter of the intellect, instead of belonging in English, as it ought to do, to the intellect itself. The consequence is that, on an occasion like this, many words are necessary, in order, first, to bring out and convey what surely is no difficult idea itself, - that of the cultivation of the intellect as an end; next, in order to recommend what surely is no unreasonable object; and lastly, to describe and make the mind realize the particular perfection in which that object consists. Every one knows practically what are the constituents of health and virtue; and everyone recognizes health and virtue as ends to be pursued; it is otherwise with intellectual excellence, and this must be my excuse, if I seem to any one to be bestowing a good deal of labour on a preliminary ma
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